Since I’ve already established that I like change, you can imagine how impatient I get to change up decor for the seasons.     By end of August, I’m all like “bring on the punkins” {in aqua}.       Happy greens are my go-to pop of color for warmer months, ’cause they’re delicious and play so nicely with my washed aqua blues.       Curtain panels with some pattern and color are a nice change-up too. Especially when… Read more »

Serendipity often strikes in the form of forlorn furniture pieces that cross my path. This bench was one of those.     It was in a junk store back room, lamenting over the bright blue, orange and yellow chipping paint job she wore. I told her “Oh Girl. I got you.  I got you real good. Don’t you fret yourself.”       Did a little double layer dry brushing with left over master bedroom paint. And she did a… Read more »

I love change.  I’m one of the weird ones.     I also love hostess ho-hos but that isn’t what this post is about. Can I just tell you how wishy-washy I’ve been about this whole blogging thing? Oh, you noticed.