Welcome to Christmas in my cottage kitchen!

Did you know aqua goes with every ding dang color?



I took a risk when I painted my kitchen cabinets Weathered Aqua by Porter Paints.



Our builder warned us against it.

Friends raised eyebrows.



But my heart must be obeyed.



And Guys.  I’m so glad I did it’s bidding.

I went with a candy cane theme this year.

Because red and aqua are my jam at the holly days.



And faker Walmart frosted mistletoe added some plastic glam.



The tiny baby apple garlands I inherited from my mama’s Christmas cache are working their gig like a boss.



Speaking of my mama, I adore the vintage embroidery she made too…



Behind my sink I brought in alll the festive red and {literal} green to compliment that delish aqua.



Here. have a cookie.



Did I convince ya aqua goes with everything? Still unsure? Check out my aqua with fallishiness here.



Did you break any decorating rules in your home and found your heart can be trusted?

PS…You can see the whole Holiday Home Tour HERE.

5 thoughts on “::A Christmas Kitchen::

  1. Nana Diana

    Cindy- You won’t believe this—well, you will but—–that is the same color cabinets I had in my kitchen when I lived in FL and I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED them. Everyone though I was nuts, too, so you are in good company. Your home has turned out to be just lovely, Cindy. I am so glad to see you back posting and sharing your life here. LOVE your new look with the short hair, too!!! xo Diana


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Thank you Diana! I’ve had such fun decorating for the holidays since I found Instagram. It lit the fire for me to jump back in to blogging! And LOVE my aqua cabinets…glad to know I’m in good company!


  2. Kori Weeks

    The other day I put these little guys “::” on the sides of something I wrote and thought “I wonder if Cottage Instincts is still a blog?” It seems everybody went the way of Instagram or something. Anyway, I just found your new blog and love it! And this kitchen? LOVE. Your aqua is MY color! My son makes jokes constantly about what ELSE is going to be painted that color! At any rate, you are completely and totally 100% correct that it matches everything. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you followed your heart and painted your cabinets this color; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Glad you’re still blogging, Cindy! 🙂


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Hey Kori! Glad you found me again! I am mostly on Instagram…seems to fit my squirrel brain better. I keep trying over here, but not sure how much content will land here. 🙂 Glad you love my aqua…it’s the prettiest color in the world!


    2. cottagegirl Post author

      Hey Kori! So glad you found me again over here…though I’m still trying to find my rhythm. I mostly do Instagram, but brands I collaborate with like us to have blogs as well, so I’m relearning blogging….and MAN, it’s a steep learning curve! I had stopped blogging for about 3 years, and everything has changed! This old dog is learning some new tricks 🙂


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