So now that you know that I kinda go overboard in my harvest-time decor, let me introduce my fireplace hearth and mantel…




It started coming together nicely on the hearth and mantel, then I got stumped by the area over the mantel where the ginormous pallet resides…then inspiration struck.

A week later.



I loved that aqualicious frame, so I came up with a garland of leaves and a framed chalkboard, which I’m happy to report, is now making me all puffy-heart-eyes.





I picked up that chunky 70’s frame with his twin at a thrift store and promptly switched out the sailboat oil painting with some chalkboard-painted wood paneling I had laying around.

The faker leaves and burlap ribbon I had from previous fall extravaganzas.

That brown thing in the center is an old clock with its guts removed.  That’s actually the back side, which I adore because it has a wee door.





That delicious aqua bottle/jar thing I picked up for a song…from the 1800’s. Plopped in some dried stalks of something-or-other.

Made the go-with-everything burlap garland earlier in the summer.




This side boasts a couple old aqua ball jars just ’cause they make me happy.

See that cute door in the back of the clock? I KNOW.





Old jugs are part of a set of three I got from my mama’s collection, as is the teal stool.




I leapt at the twig and wooden punkins at Marshalls like my grandson leaps for green gummy worms.




Thought my gramma’s old ironstone pitcher needed a place on the stage, so I filled it with fakers from the usual suspects: Michaels, JoAnns and Hob Lob.

Other vintage items I had in my stash.



Here’s the whole view, what greets guests as they enter my home and what I see as I exit my bedroom to face my day.

Have you decorated your mantel yet? Givin’ ya fits or behaving nicely?

19 thoughts on “::Fireplace Fallifying::

  1. Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse

    I’m so glad I found your new blog. I love the way you manage to make your mantel perfect for fall while keeping some aqua on it. It’s very inspiring for me as I was really reluctant at the idea of removing my blue and green jars from my mantel…


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Hooray Magali! So happy to connect with you again, and of course happy I could inspire you to keep your loverly blues and greens thru the fall!


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      I’m so glad you’ll be following along Meegan! I think you have mega-skillz too 🙂 Thanks for joining me on the journey!


  2. Dee

    You are just a bestie! You write like we are just chatting it up, sipping cider, and eating popcorn! I LOVE it!!!😄😚👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍💕💖💕💖☝
    Cindy, you are creative, imaginative, resourceful, talented!! Dee @cottagecomforts


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      And YOU are so kind! I’m so honored you’ll be following along over here! I like to keep it pretty laid-back on all my social media 🙂


  3. MimiG2002

    I found you again and now you’re gone again. Crying aqua tears here…..
    I’ve gone through and read all your new posts – come back Cindy, come back..
    We miss you!


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      You are the sweetest…had two new grandbabies born and life called me away again. I’ll be back this week! (and I’m on Instagram every day with new posts too for a quick treat!)


      1. MimiG2002

        Congratulations!!! Life does that, especially cuddly babies…
        But, you are missed. So glad to see a loved home back with COLOR…. It’s a breath of fresh air.

        Give those babes a squeeze and share a pic or two if you can!


        1. cottagegirl Post author

          Thanks sweets! I’m still dealing with the technology here on the blog. Hoping to start posting more regularly!


  4. Cindy Fowler

    Loved this post!!! Your fireplace mantel is perfectly styled! I love it all!!! 💙💙💙💙 Thanks for all the inspo!!!


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