I have a history of going overboard in my fall decorating.




Actually, that isn’t entirely true.

That history really only started when I discovered the world of decor blogs ’round about 2009.



That’s when I fell hard for all things dried leafy and gourdy and pumpkiny.




Actually that’s not entirely true either.




Hubs and I started dating in the fall of 1985, and I remember that autumn as the most magical I’d experienced in my 18 years.




Trees were sporting outlandishly bright shades of crimson and gold and orange.

I wore chunky, mid-thigh sweaters over my stirrup pants with bootie boots.




Summery scents of mown grass and fresh flowers were giving way to the pungent autumn smells of burning bonfires and harvests of drying corn and wheat…. heavy humid days were being blown aside by crisp northern winds as temperatures began their slow decent and clear blue skies hung the sun lower in the late afternoon skies.






The next 23 years were filled with carving pumpkins with kids, hayrides with kids, pressing leaves with kids, and scarfing halloween candy when kids weren’t looking.




Then the kids became teenagers.

That’s when the Fallishness came onto the scene after I stumbled on my first decor blog.




And I never looked back.



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