Since I’ve already established that I like change, you can imagine how impatient I get to change up decor for the seasons.




By end of August, I’m all like “bring on the punkins” {in aqua}.





Happy greens are my go-to pop of color for warmer months, ’cause they’re delicious and play so nicely with my washed aqua blues.





Curtain panels with some pattern and color are a nice change-up too.

Especially when you basically stitch in a 5-minute rod pocket and leave all the other edges unfinished.

Don’t judge. Not a single person has ever commented on their fraying edges. Or been rude enough to comment on their fraying edges.




Of course birdie things play a heavy roll in my summer decor.

And my chandy makes me happy just looking at it.

I had orginally ordered it for my dining room, but it was too ginormous for that space.

On a whim I thought we’d try it in the Living Room, and well. Yeah. Perfect.




I like fiddling with that wall of weird stuff behind the couch.

That boxwood wreath from Target a few years ago fits any which where I put it.

I possesses magical powers.




So do fake hydrangea blooms and balls with stuff glued to them that serve absolutely no purpose except to make ya feel good looking at their wild and wooley textures.

Do you get impatient waiting for seasons to change so you can frouf?

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8 thoughts on “::A Little Late Summer in the Living Room::

  1. Rose

    I’m happy to see you’re back, I have missed your lovely style and funny wit. I’m in love with your chandy and would love to know where you purchased it. Love the old bead board cabinets too! They’re very hard to find in my neck of the woods and if you do find them, they’re crazy expensive. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Hello Rose! You are so kind! I believe I purchased the chandy from Amazon. I added an affiliate link to the text if you end up purchasing. I get a small commission if you use the link. No charge to you 🙂


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