After stumbling upon the Instagram Decor Bubble, I found folks generally go for neutral farmhouse look.

Thanks Jojo.




‘Farmhouse’ is the buzz word, at least in the circles I move in. {watch for a soon-coming-post where I define for myself the difference between ‘farmhouse’, ‘cottage’ and ‘country’}

And I’d say I love bits of rustic farmhouse, those vintage pieces that played a functional role in past times that now clutter up my mantel and sideboard.




Neutral interiors are also lovely and serene.

I do a fair bit of neutrals in the winter months after Christmas has had its way with me.

It’s a great re-set in the winter months to go monochrome and peaceful.




But then there’s my kitchen. {and my couch, come to think of it}

Not alot of neutral going on in there.




A TON of cottage vintage farmhouse tho, no?

As much as my IG circles clamour after all things white and shiplap and farmhouse….




Whenever I post a pic of my kitchen, my feed goes nutso.

It’s like the anti-neutral farmhouse cottage kitchen, and peeps seems to love it.

I think their eyes stop mid-scroll and scream “OH THAT’S DIFFERENT!”

I adore being different. Still within the confines of a cottage farmhouse genre.




I debated painting these cabinets white.  I do love a white kitchen.

But then, I’m also a rule-breaker.

And sometimes breaking rules brings alll the dogs to the yard.




How ’bout you?  Do you like all things monochromatic?  Pops of Color?

Are you a rule breaker when you follow your instincts in decor?

8 thoughts on “::My Blue Kitchen Cabinets::

  1. Marie

    I absolutely love your kitchen. I too like a white kitchen but I find your blue one very refreshing. Just might have to break a few rules myself


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Thank you Marie! I have my master bathroom cabs painted white and love them. But I really dig pale aqua, and wanted to be different 🙂 Let me know if you ever go blue!


  2. Marie Atkinson

    Just painted our bathroom blue-ish/teal/Aqua and I am going to put an antique dresser that I’m going to paint white in there as a vanity. I’m seriously thinking of aqua cabinets and white walls in the kitchen. Right now the cabinets are white and the walls are beige. The aqua just feels so fresh. I’ll have pictures on my Instagram feed in a few days so I’ll tag you when they are up.


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      I’m considering white shiplap or some type of textured wall treatment behind the aqua cabs in my kitchen. I love painted white paneling/beadboard/shiplap/board and batten….definintely tag me!


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Hi Alyssa! The color I used was Weathered Aqua by Porter Paints. It’s discontinued, but I’m told Home Depot and Lowes both have the formula 🙂


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