Serendipity often strikes in the form of forlorn furniture pieces that cross my path.

This bench was one of those.




It was in a junk store back room, lamenting over the bright blue, orange and yellow chipping paint job she wore.

I told her “Oh Girl. I got you.  I got you real good. Don’t you fret yourself.”





Did a little double layer dry brushing with left over master bedroom paint.

And she did a little jig.

“Can I sit on your front porch pretty please?” she asked, all perky-like.




“I promise to get along with the vintage chair at the other end.”

Of course I couldn’t refuse her, she with those gorgeous green tones looking up at me in earnest.




She even applauded my DIY wreath.

I definitely convinced her green was in this season.




I picked up a wee camp stool to keep her company on her end.

And all was well on the porch this summer.




Even when Bogart the Big Black Dog hunkered down to chill and watch the cars go by.




My new white bungalow cottage still gives me all the feels.

And rescuing forlorn furniture still takes me to my happy place.

Rescued any pieces yourself lately?

8 thoughts on “::Summertime Front Porch::

    1. cottagegirl Post author

      Thank you Sweet Audrey! Now that it’s up and running, I’ve get to get in to a routine of posting regularly 🙂


  1. Cindy Fowler

    I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! I follow you on Instagram and I happened to be up real early this morning and decided to take a look. Well I’ve read your entire blog! I’ve been dying to start. One of my own and I have to say you’ve really inspired me. Thanks Cindy oh and by the way I’m Cindy too!!! Lol


    1. cottagegirl Post author

      You are so sweet! Hopefully I’ll get over this initial hump of learning the technology and start posting more regularly!


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