I love change.  I’m one of the weird ones.




I also love hostess ho-hos but that isn’t what this post is about.

Can I just tell you how wishy-washy I’ve been about this whole blogging thing?

Oh, you noticed.



I keep going back to my old, familiar ::cottage instincts:: blog, wondering if I should just redesign it and keep on keepin’ on over there.

But I just can’t.

It’s a new season.  I’m ready for something new.




Sure, it’s still gonna be me driving this crazy train.

It’s still gonna chronicle my decorating shenanigans at the cottage.




But it’s gonna be a bit more intentional.


Like, get outta bed and get to work. Like planning posts ahead of time.  Like treating this as art….the art of writing, staging, photographing.

Yeah, consistent.




And coupled with ho ho’s to keep the spirit willing, I think I can make this thing work.

Welcome to my crazy train Guys.  It’s gonna be good.

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